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Visualizing Solutions for Dressing Windows

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Hey y'all,

I'm starting my blog officially today.... as in I've never wrote a So I thought I would keep it simple and write what's top of mind today. I found a great resource this week from a window shade company that I represent, Graber Blinds. Yes, they compete with Hunter Douglas and make most all of the same products that HD does. But I am the only retailer in Marin County that represents their beautiful lines!

So I wanted to share this great tool I've discovered. Clients often tell me that they want to see what the recommended shade will look like on THEIR windows. And NOW you can! With Graber's new 'Visualizer' tool I can take a photo of your window and apply a variety of different products and colors to your window(s) photo so you can see exactly what they would appear like when hung in your home! Makes my job pretty easy from there. We can also compare 3 different products or color combinations to make a decision between 3% and 5% shades, to see what the difference is in terms of the outside landscape that might show through them when they are drawn in daytime.

LEFT- Layered Shades (with inner vein for privacy)

CENTER- Roman/Natural Shade with White Finland

RIGHT- Solar Shades (Great for harsh sun blocking like these south facing shades and blocking UVA/UVB)

All three products give such a different feel to them! I know I have a favorite, but would love to hear what you think?!!

If you need window coverings, but have been reluctant to make a decision because you don't know what it will look like, please reach out I would love to help you!

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