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A frequent question from my Inbox

As an interior designer, there are a lot of “frequently asked questions” that I receive from my clients. One scenario that I encounter quite often is when clients reach out requesting elevation drawings to provide to a contractor in advance of a remodel. I always respond to these emails with a bit of a caveat—essentially, I always like to clarify to my clients that prior to beginning a remodel design, they will need to consider many other factors, including their main design priorities and how long they will stay in their home. It is important for us to work together to create a design concept based on this information, and this is a critical first step before any drawings can be complete.

When I begin working with my clients, we set out goals for a particular space and determine how much of an investment they wish to make. I also serve as an objective resource for my clients and help people settle on a visual design that feels right for them (even if it isn’t necessarily what their mother, friend, or neighbor would pick!).

While coming up with a design concept, I often set out a few options for my client to review and approve. After this, I then select and source all necessary finishes and accessories and put together a design presentation for my client. It is during this detailed design phase when the elevation and electrical drawings can be completed and submitted to your contractor for a bid and to the city for permit approval, if this applies.

The design process that occurs before the drawings can be complete is so key: The drawings are truly a product of this process and their value is based on the thought process that surrounded the design and sourcing. This is why working with a designer during the remodel process is essential and will ensure that all goes smoothly and a client’s needs are met every step of the way.

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