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Selecting the Perfect Paint Color

Updated: May 13, 2021

Selecting a paint palette should be one of the first things you do in a project.

It sets the stage and tone for your design decisions along the way. I want to help you navigate selecting the best color for your space.

Picking the right paint matters one hundred percent because its the base layer and backdrop for the whole project.

Okay great, now let’s make sure we get the right color on your walls then!

Light exposure affect paint color
Affect of light exposure on Paint Color. BM's Grey Owl, OC-52 on 3 different walls

It helps to understand that to really nail paint color, this is a process that just takes time. So grab a big SIDE of patience, take a deep breath, and know that every painstaking moment selecting the right color will be worth it when you nail the paint color!

Take a full assessment of the room and determine how much light affects your interior space throughout the day.

  • Do you live in a darker home with less natural light or do does it feel more like a big glass box with a lot of natural light?

  • Where does the sun rise and set?

  • What is the quality of the light, is it filtered through heavy trees outside or direct sun, such as Southern exposure.

  • For 2hours a day or all day long?

  • Morning light or evening light? Believe it or not morning light tends to be light yellow and white and evening light is a rich yellow/orange making warm tones even richer

Consider your surroundings.

When you look outside if you see greenery close by you can expect the wall color in the home will reflect green from outside. If you see a cityscape, your wall color may reflect the color of the buildings.

Then consider the tones of your interiors furniture and decor.

You want a paint tone that complements the color palette of your furniture. Pull out fabric swatches and compare them to the paint selections you’re considering.

Ultimately, once you have narrowed it down to a few color contenders you should then sample the colors.

You might consider trying, the most efficient and environmentally conscious way of sampling paint. There you can order paint samples from any paint brand for less than $7/each without ever touching a can of paint or dealing with a dirty paintbrush!

They ship 12” square samples with a sticky backing that arrive at your door 1-3 days from order. They make testing the colors on every wall a breeze.

After this step, you will find one that works the best with the light exposure you are working in.

Finally, consider different paint sheens.

The more luster your paint has, the lighter the color will look and more wall blemishes and defects the paint will reflect. If shiny is your vibe, then you have to get your surface super smooth.

Any color will look lighter with a shiny sheen as it reflects all of the light in the space. Your trim should be a higher sheen than your wall paint, such as a Satin or Semi-Gloss.

I hope these steps give you information to help you find paint colors that you love!

Paint is such an important step in creating a beautiful interior. If you’re stuck and flummoxed by the whole thing, please call me and I would love to do a color consult with you!

If you’re interested in white paint and want to learn more about which white colors are my favorite, click to receive my free copy of “White Done Right”!

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