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Inspiration: Kelly Wearstler's Hotel Proper, San Francisco

Ask any design lover about their bucket list hotels, and you’re guaranteed to hear them mention at least one of the properties that Kelly Wearstler decorated. And one of our favorites happens to be a local gem—the Proper Hotel in San Francisco is a true Wearstler masterpiece! What do we think makes the space so magnificent? Read on for the scoop.

First of all, I must note that visiting a well-designed hotel like this one is such an excellent way to gather inspiration. As much as I love flipping through magazines or browsing inspiring rooms online, nothing compares to actually stepping foot inside a beautiful space and admiring everything firsthand.

What is so incredible about Proper Hotel is just how well Wearstler masters eclectic style and pattern mixing. She uses so many beautiful hues and fabrics throughout the space pictured above, yet it appears intentional, not haphazard. While the walls—with their gorgeous molding—are stunning on their own, Wearstler only plays them up further by installing gallery walls (multiple!) that pack even more personality into the space. Maximalist style at its best! Avid art collectors or those who just love a bit of whimsy will want to follow suit.

This area is an example of how skillfully Wearstler mixed mid-century, traditional, and modern pieces all within one space. A traditional Mid-century Modern sideboard and vibrant artwork add plenty of warmth to the room. Bright colors of the art wall are offset well with neutral color palette on the chairs.

This guest room proves that neutrals can most definitely be incorporated into maximalist design. Various black and white patterns are cohesive despite their differences and make for an ultra sophisticated and stylish sleep space. The variety of larger and smaller scale patterns here add to the success of the space.

If you’re spending time in San Francisco, you’ll most definitely want to pay a visit to this amazing space. Don’t forget to check out the rooftop!

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