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Decorating with White Tones for a Fresh Look

January signifies a fresh start, and as such, this month has me wanting to fully embrace decorating with white tones. If you, too, are eager to introduce a fresh, crisp feel into your home, I’m sharing some go to tips to keep in mind when working with white.

Choosing a White Paint

Perhaps your walls need a bit of a facelift and you’re looking to coat them in a soothing white. Keep in mind that selecting a white paint color isn’t as easy as it sounds: White actually spans a huge spectrum of color. To ensure you’re picking the best hue for your space, consider the undertones in the paint. Additionally, think about the mood you want to create. Do you want a crisp and bright look? If so, focus on whites with cool undertones. Desire a space that’s warm and serene? Look at paints with warm undertones.

Photo by Heidi's Bridge

Additionally, keep in mind that white paint appears differently depending on the light and orientation of the room. South facing rooms can take cooler tones, but for north facing rooms, I recommend warm whites. This is why it’s so helpful to pick up some paint swatches and bring them home before committing to a color. You’ll be able to look at hues at various

times of day and see how they respond to the lighting your room of choice receives.

Choosing White Furniture

In a small room, opting for all white furniture can pack a major punch! White pieces will maximize the feeling of light and space even if you’re short on squ

are footage. Why not mix and match eras and try a classic arm roll sofa alongside a solid creamy white boucle square ottoman? This will create a dynamic look and result in an appealing overall design scheme.

Combining Various Shades of White

By all means, go ahead and mix and match different white tones in one space. We will be seeing monochromatic white spaces more this year. Combining three shades of white within a room can look stunning. Of course, even mostly white rooms need a few other tones present. A softer muted gray wall can give a sense of elegance to a pure white space and will pair nicely with black and white upholstery, too.

If you desire an all white kitchen, introduce subtle variations of the color on the floor, countertop, and through accessories. Opt for textured pieces to add variety to the space.

Introducing Texture to a White Space

White spaces benefit from the inclusion of texture so that a room doesn’t feel one-dimensional. Try a blend of white upholstery and off-white wall coverings alongside gilt golds or dark wood floors. Add interest through colorful art, soft accent furnishings, and antique furniture, all of which will create depth and result in a space that shines.

Design by Amber Interiors

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