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Transition from Winter to Spring

What to do in this time of transition between winter and spring decor-wise? Not quite warm enough to feel like you can even start scheming on spring decorating plans. ….

So in this quiet space we’re feeling, let's call it the in-between, here are some quick things to help avoid a case of the ‘blahs’.

By now you've removed Christmas decor and you’re loving that freed up space, right?

Rather than decorating and filling up these space, follow these 6 quick tips:

Design + photo: Chris Loves Julia
  1. Display a bowl of seasonal fruit. Oranges, while being a winter fruit technically their bright orange color can really pack some lively energy in your kitchen, dining table or any decorative side table

  2. Another simple way is to add greenery with lots of leafy green foliage and less blooms yet, really feels true to this transitional still-winter season.

  3. Fresh artwork. Consider swapping two art pieces between different rooms or removing one, switching locations of another and introducing one new piece. It will freshen your whole room’s vibe instantly.

  4. Heavy Texture. Use monochromatic chunky knits and heavy textures like cashmere and sheepskin. This will be a break from the brights of holiday decor, giving a nice visual hiatus. All you need is couple simple stripe pillows with heavily textured throw folded neatly over the sofa and everything will look tidy and serene.

  5. Cleaner surfaces. Don’t be scared to not replace the original decor after the holidays. Leave surfaces clutter free…. leaving room for any new spring projects around the corner.

  6. Refresh Indoor plants. This is a great time to check in with our lovely green friends, and if you're tiring of them or they’re looking sad, you might swap them out for plants in another room with better light exposure. You could also simply buy a new vessel or planter to place it in for a whole fresh new look.

Design + photo: Chris Loves Julia

These above steps can be done with little investment in time and money at all because you're mostly working with what you have. Now that seems like a breath of fresh air to me!

Additionally, if a shelf in your home has been decorated for awhile, this ‘in-between’ time is perfect to remove everything from the shelves, pare down what you have, reorganize and stage the items once again in

a whole new way. Remove anything from the mix that no longer sings to you or aligns with your room's look. The resulting pared down collection will feel fresh to you, for sure!

Try some of these tips and I’d love to hear about how they went for you!

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