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The Technical Designer

When most people think of a home remodel project, they think of how they’ve seen it done on HGTV. A designer walks through a house and listens as the clients spew all of their dilemmas, hangups, and pain points about their living space. Then, the designer comes back and waves their arms around describing their vision. At some point, you may see a quick schematic of the designer’s plan onscreen, but it's very simple and high level.

But, as we all know, life is not as simple as it may seem on TV—and this is most definitely the case when it comes to design projects! It is quite involved to take a project from the research phase (where a design vision has been identified), to the development phase (where the details are ironed out), to the production phase (where the construction project commences). If only everything was as simple as our favorite HGTV stars make it out to be!

As such, it’s key that the designer you choose to work with shares your design aesthetic and ethos and can skillfully communicate the complete design with all its details to the contractor. Such details include: the layout of each room; the location of the walls, doors, and windows; the electrical plan; the elevation drawings; the width and height of cabinetry, and much more. As they say, “If it's not written down, then it doesn’t exist!”

Here at Janzen Design, we take pride in our detail-driven management of both the design and construction process. We are skilled at providing contractors with sophisticated renderings, material specifications, and other key documents essential to the remodel process all while maintaining seamless communication throughout. Finding an interior designer with the capabilities described above is important to the success of any remodel project. To ensure a favorable outcome, there must be a smooth working flow and solid communication between the designer and contractor team.

Ready to start planning out your dream space? Check out our past projects here. And if you are ready to start on your own remodel project and want to see if Janzen Design can help you, drop me a line at:

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