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Selecting the Perfect Desk Chair

Even though many of us have now been working from home for nearly two years straight, we may be lacking in the desk chair department! Too many people are still using stray dining room chairs or opting for other seating that just isn’t meant to be sat in for eight hours on end. But if you’re fearful that purchasing an office-specific chair means that you’ll have to opt for a piece that isn’t so aesthetically pleasing, wash those worries away. I’ve rounded up my top four desk chair picks that are both functional and chic.

Before selecting a chair, you’ll want to consider a few important factors, though. For one, think about scale. If your desk area is just a small side table nook in your living room, there’s no need to opt for anything oversized. If your workspace is fit for an executive and can accommodate a wider chair, then of course feel free to go that route. You don’t want your chair to overpower the space, though, and you also want to feel comfortable while sitting in it—if the armrests are going to rub up against your desk or table, it’s a no-go!

You’ll also want to think about multi-functional use. If you’re a small space dweller and your desk is in your main living area, you may wish to be able to pull it into your living room zone when entertaining. Each of the four chairs I’m highlighting in further detail below would also be comfortable and appropriate to lounge in as a guest, but not every office chair fits this bill. And think about movability. Will your chair be easy to roll or lift when friends come over? If you’re someone who needs every piece in your home to be as multi-functional as possible, keep these factors in mind.

Then, think about your overall room style. If you have a dedicated home office that you’re designing from scratch, you can of course go in any direction you choose. But if you’re simply upgrading the chair in your living room or bedroom desk area, you will want to think about the other patterns, colors, and textures in the space. For example, maybe you love the idea of a boucle chair, but if the rest of your room is filled with traditional, grandmillennial details, this fabric option may clash with your existing decor. Don’t worry, though, surely one of my top four picks below will complement your space. And without further ado, let’s get into my favorites. Burbank Desk Chair-Elder Sand: This isn’t your dad’s swivel chair! Rather, this chair elevates an office with its modern bent-wood style and looks inviting, too! The base can be adjusted, which is great if multiple family members are sharing a workspace—the piece will feel like a custom seat no matter who is using it.

Adara Desk Chair-Knoll Natural: Pay homage to ‘70s style with this white chair that packs a feminine punch. I love the idea of placing a pretty patterned throw pillow at its back for some added flair. And would you look at those brass legs?

Dawn Midcentury Modern Leather Swivel Office Arm Chair: This office chair brings contemporary vibes to any space while still having a “getting down to business” feel. It’s ultra stylish, and at just 18 lbs, it’s easy to move throughout the house.

Alexa Desk Chair: Who doesn’t love a touch of cane? This chair is nice and sweet but also boasts all the function of your office-grade rolling chair (just with a much cuter look). This chair works great in a multi-purpose space—I could see it at a desk where family members take turns plugging away on day jobs and homework in an open plan home.

Which of these options would you pick? They’re all proof that sophisticated seating does exist—and may even make hours and hours of emails feel slightly more fun.

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