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Create a Vacation at Home

The dog days of summer are upon us, but if you’re looking to squeeze in one last bit of relaxation before fall kicks in, you’re in luck—it’s incredibly easy to make a few tweaks to your home to ensure it’s the perfect spot in which to unwind.

We place such an emphasis when traveling on finding a serene hotel with top notch amenities and Instagram-worthy decor, yet we so often put our own home projects on the backburner. Well, not anymore! It’s incredibly easy to take your bedroom from so-so to resort-like with a few simple steps.

First, I suggest taking inventory of your bedding. Swap those well-worn sheets out for fabric that will put you at ease every time you turn the lights out. Fine percale sheets offer a crisp feel with a high thread count. Made with long staple cotton, they will keep you cool in summer months and remind you of the luxurious made beds you’ve slept in during your travels. Linen sheets are also quite popular and are best for those who prefer a more worn-in feel (they’re like sleeping on the softest old t-shirt!). Or try a set of each type and switch them out as you feel like trying something new.

To bring a subtle tropical vibe into your space, add something rattan to the bedroom. A rattan headboard, chair, or accent table provides visual interest and texture that add a nice layer to any room (and will simultaneously remind you of being in a warm weather locale). It’s easy to source rattan pieces whether you’re shopping new or vintage. The style is making a major comeback right now and is available at a wide range of retailers and price points.

Do you regularly keep candles in the bedroom? If not, you should! We also must not underestimate the power of scent. Fine soy wax candles with a tropical or beach-inspired fragrance are essential components in making your sleep space feel like a five-star sanctuary. And we all know the power of the olfactory sense, which conjures memories of past vacations. Lighting a candle as you unwind each evening can also be a key ritual and send a message to the body that it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the importance of plants in your space. By no means do you need to go overboard with greenery to make a chic statement. Decorate with palm fronds in a vase. They are green, very graphic looking, and last an extremely long time. If you’re more inclined to purchase something faux, this option from CB2 is a winner.

As wonderful as it is to explore new places and escape from the everyday, taking time to make our own homes calming and cohesive is extremely important. Who knows, maybe you won’t feel the need to travel far once you spend the time and effort to make your bedroom feel more beautiful.

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