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Art for your Floors

Rugs are an ingenious way to add color, pattern and a sense of style to your home. They not only frame the room and give foreground to the space, they also give an undeniable sense of grounding and ease as they invite you to step into the space.

In this contemporary world, in their living and family room spaces, many people gravitate to a more calming neutral palette for their sitting chairs and sofas. The rug is a perfect opportunity to inject some color and pattern into the space in a not-so-permanent way. You may want to go on a quest to find the rug that speaks directly to you and your style. These days the options are endless and you can almost certainly find one that speaks to you.

Layering of rugs is a great way to add dimension and another layer to add to your space which culminates in a well-designed and sophisticated space. Over hardwood floors, start with a larger rug of natural material, either jute or sisal or wool in a neutral tone. There are many rules about measuring the right size of the rug, that you may find thru Pinterest or elsewhere on the internet. Jute tends to be a softer material underfoot and sisal has the benefit of longer-lasting life and more durability. Atop of the natural rug, you may add a wool rug with color statement and a visual or textural pattern to it, depending on the mood or look you are trying to achieve.

Pro Tip: Your eye stops at the edge of the rug, so don't go small. The only mistake you can make in the rug-sizing game is getting one that is too small. We all know the feeling of unease when you are afraid to step onto or off of the too small rug. Some will contend that a rug under a dining table should completely cover the space enough so that when the chair is pulled out all legs are still on the rug. But that's just one rule..... And every space has its own unique set of challenges and constraints. ....And..... sometimes rules were meant to be broken! So use them as guides only along your journey.

Two of the quickest ways to introduce dramatic change in your interior is paint and rugs. A rug makeover through a couple rooms or throughout your home could be a total game changer. If you need help to find the rug that speaks to your style, please call me for consult!

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